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Recalls due to vehicle safety hit 3-year high; Maruti Suzuki tops the charts yet again

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With 2019 coming to a close, an estimated 3.25 lakh recalls were made by car and bike manufacturers this year, making it the highest in three years.
More than a dozen manufacturers of motorcycles, cars and sports utility vehicles (SUVs) have announced recalls in 2019, which was higher by 30 percent compared to 2018 and four times compared to 2017.
The recalls were made to address critical issues such as untimely inflation of airbags or a malfunction in its deployment, fuel leakage, loss in braking power, burst of gas generator, faulty installation of CNG filter assembly, incorrect speed reading abnormal vibrations, issues with wiring harness and batteries and less critical ones like software update to name a few.

Maruti Suzuki topped the charts with little over 1.07 lakh recalls of its popular models such as Baleno, Wagon R, Ertiga and Ciaz. Ford followed with nearly 53,000 recalls of Figo, Freestyle, Aspire and Endeavor. In 2018, Maruti Suzuki recalled 61,300 units.

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Apparently the recalls this year were higher by 30 percent compared to 2018 and four times higher when compared with 2017.
Until a few months ago, automakers followed a voluntary recall policy as it was not mandated by the central government. Some automakers prefer not calling the recall exercise as a recall due to negative connotations attached to the definition.
But, with the adoption of the new Motor Vehicle Act that was brought into force from September 1, it has become difficult for automotive companies to avoid making an announcement of recalls as the Centre will keep a record of it.
“Where a manufacturer notices a defect in a motor vehicle manufactured by him, he shall inform the central government of the defect and initiate recall proceedings and in such case, the manufacturer shall not be liable to pay a fine,” states the Act.
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