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Maruti Suzuki Wagon R Maintenance Schedule

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I own a Maruti Suzuki Wagon R from 2010. As you can see the car is 10 years old now and has been used on rugged grounds for a long long time. I got it serviced properly for the first 4 years and then somewhere I failed to do it as prescribed by my dealer.
I am not saying I did not service it after 2014, but it was quite irregular. What is the suggested maintenance schedule for a Maruti Suzuki Wagon R? My car has become a bit wobbly now. Any suggestions on another Maruti car under 7 lacs?
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Like most cars, there are those first three free services that you must get done after the first month, 6 months and after a year.
After that come the paid ones where you do not need to service the whole car but the parts that need to be serviced. The paid services are done every 1 year or every 10,000 km whichever is earlier.
Engine Oil & Oil Filter10,000 Kms or 1 year
Air Filter40,000 Kms
Brake Fluid20,000 Kms or 2 year
Coolant20,000 Kms or 2 year
Gear Oil / TransmissionNot required to change till 1.6 Lakh Kms / 10 yrs
Fuel Filter40,000 Kms or 4 year
Spark Plug40,000 Kms or 4 year
Timing BeltNA
Wheel Alignment & BalancingEvery 10,000 kms
The wheel alignment and balancing are the ones that require frequent attention.

How many times have you changed the suspension of your car since 2010? Since it's been almost 10 years now, the odometer must have clocked a good number of miles. Could you elaborate on what services you performed? We could tell you better on how to make your car less wobbly then.
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Like you said, I did check on the alignment and balancing everytime I took my car for a service. The last service that I remember doing was in November, 2018. At that time, I was sure my clutch and break needed a good servicing so I got that done. Changed engine oil and drained the coolant. Changed the lug nuts and got my alloy wheels cleaned and polished. That was the second time I changed the suspension (at 1,13,000 kms). The first one was at 82,000kms. Did some interior refurbishing.
I considered this a major service and the performance was really smooth after that so I stalled the service until now. But I recently went on a long road trip on all kinds of bumpy roads. So, should I go for a similar service now?
Yes, that sounds good. You could go for the same servicing once more and since more than a year has passed (and I am assuming that 10,000kms have been crossed too) it seems like its time now.
Along with the major services, you could get a few additional ones done. They include
1. brake bleeding - since after usage for many years, crud seems to build up and must be cleaned.
2. throttle body cleaning - some cars may never require this, so check with your mechanic on the same.
3. since you say your car is wobbly, get the crankshaft checked.
4. Battery replacement- I guess you must have done that earlier but just forgot to mention it. You must do it every 4-5 years at the max especially if the wear and tear are heavy.

Your mechanic would also be better able to judge if anything else is required by inspecting the car physically.
Like @Rangerr advised, you could go for all these services to be good to go for about another 1,00,000 kms. However, if you wish to replace this car, and you want to replace it with another Maruti Suzuki car, I would suggest you get your car exchanged at a Maruti Suzuki dealership. MS takes your old car and the value of your old car can be used towards the payment of your new MS car. This would add to your budget as well.
However, if you continue with this car and wish to just buy another one within 7 lacs you could go for Maruti Suzuki Baleno Zeta. The price is 6.98 lacs (ex-showroom price, Delhi) and it can be had in the CVT as well as manual transmission options.
But, if you exchange it and your budget increases you could go for the Maruti Suzuki Baleno Alpha which is packed with features and comes at 7.58 lacs (ex-showroom price, Delhi).
I totally second that @Keshav! Baleno is definitely a good buy within the price. A friend of mine owns the Baleno Alpha and its been 18 months. I haven't heard him complaining. Also, if Baleno wasn't a good car then the car wouldn't have sold 5 lacs units in 38 months. :)
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