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Maruti Suzuki Wagon R Interior

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The Interiors of Maruti Suzuki Wagon R have the following:
  1. Tachometer
  2. Electric multi-trip meter
  3. Fabric upholstery
  4. Glove compartment
  5. Digital clock
  6. Digital odometer
  7. Dual-tone dashboard
  8. Silver inside door handles
  9. Silver finish gear shift knob
  10. Co-driver side front seat undertray
  11. Rear back pocket
  12. Instrument cluster Meter theme White
  13. Fuel consumption (instantaneous and average)
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The new Wagon R 2019 as the reputation has it is boxy and tall, which makes the car's interiors spacious and much more comfortable. Let us go on a tour of the beige interiors through this video which seems to be very informative and shows all the aspects mentioned above.
This new Wagon R has now become the perfect family car.
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