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Maruti Suzuki Wagon R Crash Test

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I was just reading in the news today that amongst all other vehicles that Maruti Suzuki recalled due to critical functional or safety issues. This got me thinking, did Wagon R fail its crash test? What are the safety features of the car?
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Actually, Maruti Suzuki Wagon scored poorly in the NCAP crash tests and scored a rating of two stars for both adult and child protection. This was the report of the test conducted in 2019. The shell integrity of the car has been labeled as unstable.
The test showed that the car's front seatbelt pretensioners did not operate as required, causing severe potential injuries to the chest and knee area of the crash test dummies. The Wagon R's footwell area has also been rated as unstable as a result of possible knee and ankle related injuries. Thus, out of 17 in adult protection, it scored a mere 6.93.
The car even scored very poorly in child protection. During the test, the seat broke and impacted the car's roof. Having fixed seats would be a lot safer in any event, rather than seats installed using seatbelts.
I even found a video of the global NCAP crash tests for Wagon R.
It's scary to relate the video to real-life situations. The video shows that the results of a real-time crash could be fatal for the occupants. The engine gets completely damaged. The adult's face in the driver's seat receives slight protection due to the airbag but the injuries to the legs, feet, and chest could be severe.
The infant gets flung along with the seat. The 18-month-old received slight protection but there would definitely be an injury. Overall, for child protection as well the car scored just 16.33 out of 49.
This is a very poor performance on Maruti Suzuki's part.
The Wagon R was relaunched earlier this year in a new generation. The car moved to the larger 'Heartect' platform that also hosts the Baleno, Ignis and Swift. The expectation was that moving from the earlier dated platform to the more refined and rigid one would improve its vehicle safety.
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