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Maruti Suzuki Swift Trunk Space

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The Maruti Suzuki Swift which is widely known as the family car is actually a very "practical" car that offers ample space for luggage in the trunk. The large trunk space of 268 liters provides ample space for families to go on trips with lots of luggage without the need of an additional luggage rack on the top. Along with this it also provides a number of storage compartments in the cabin.
If we were to compare the trunk space of Swift with other cars in the category, Tata Nexon provides 350 liters whereas Maruti Suzuki Baleno provides 339 liters. Generally, it's considered a great deal if the trunk space capacity of a car is beyond 300 Litres, whereas, trunk space below 300 liters isn't recommended if your primary goal of buying a car is trunk space.
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As you mention that the trunk space of Maruti Suzuki Swift is below 300 liters which isn't good for those looking for larger trunk spaces, do you think one could fit in a roof rack to the car? Which would go better, a roof rack or a roof box?
@Zoomer Yes, you can. Even I had the same doubt a few weeks back and you can followMaruti Suzuki Roof Racks this thread that follows the link which has been nicely explained by other members. You can fix a roof rack or a roof box, whichever fulfills your needs.
The only concern would be that you may spoil the aesthetics but since there is such a vast variety available, you can always choose a stylish one that goes with your car.
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