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Maruti Suzuki Swift Specifications

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In one of my earlier posts on this forum, I discussed about the features of Maruti Suzuki Swift but I deliberately left out the specifications. The reason being that the features and the specifications often get confused, so I decided to make a separate post on specifications. Here are the specifications of the 2019 Maruti Suzuki Swift
Engine - 1.2 litres, K series
Power - 83 bhp
Torque - 115 Nm
Gearbox - 5 speed annual & AMT

Engine - 1.3 litres DDiS
Power - 74 bhp
Torque - 190 Nm
Gearbox - 5 speed manual & AMT
The engines have remained the same and have been carried over from the earlier generation car. The lighter weight has a positive effect on the performance of the car. It returns good fuel efficiency. This is the most powerful in its segment and also fun to drive. The lighter body weight delivers good performance. This is the best petrol performer in its segment. The engine is silent as well. Its free from vibrations even high engine speeds.
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Hello friends I need your help.
I'm the owner of a 2014 Suzuki Swift (Japan import), type DBA-ZC72S, chassis number ZC72S334161.
I would like to find out what type of gearbox (CVT) the car has ( the owner handbook is in Japanese).
I tried, with zero success, to find some answers from Suzuki UK. They have zero information about my car and no information about how I can get in touch with Suzuki Motors Japan (so they claim).
I'm trying to change the CVT fluid and I don't have any information about filters and fluid.
Also I would really appreciate if someone could provide a link where I can find the owner's manual in English and maybe a contact address for Suzuki Motors Japan.
Thank you very much for your help.
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