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Maruti Suzuki Swift Safety

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As a Swift fan, it came as a disappointment to me when Maruti Suzuki Swift scored a rating of two stars on the Global NCAP (New Car Assessment Program) test which was a part of the "Safe cars for India" campaign. compared to previous models where there were no airbags, this time the rating of 2 can be attributed to the standard two airbags and the safety provided to the driver's head and chest. This inclusion of airbags is a result of the change in the regulations by GOI regarding crash tests.

On comparing it to its twin model for the European market, the Indian version underperformed in the frontal crash test and is offering fewer safety features like side body and curtain airbags and Electronic Stability Control (ESC) that are standard for Europe but in India are not even optional.
The test showed that the driver's head and chest had been protected well but the knees and feet were exposed to damage. The rating for Child Occupants was also 2 as the chests of both an 18-year-old baby and a 3 years old child received very low protection. The test also showed that the body shell is unstable and is incapable of taking heavy impacts.
The question that arises is that when Maruti Suzuki could prove that they can build high safety systems in locally produced systems as they did in Brezza, how long would it take to inculcate those standards in their other models? Maruti Suzuki should include all the safety measures they use in Japanese and European cars for all their Indian counterparts as well.

Since Swift is known as the car of every household Maruti Suzuki should see to it that it is able to win the trust of those that it aspires to see as their loyal customers.
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