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Like every other piece of machinery, even the Maruti Suzuki Swift needs periodic maintenance which must be done every 10,000km or every 12 months. Some of these servicings are free of cost while most of the other specific servicings come at a cost. I have discussed below the ones that come for free and the ones that might cost you.
» 1000 Kms / 1 mo - Regular Check

» 5000 Kms / 6 mo - Regular Checkup and Tuning

» 10,000 Km / 12 mo - Engine Oil, Oil Filter, Air Filter
The ones that may cost you are mentioned below. The table below states the maintenance schedule for Petrol as well as diesel variants of Maruti Suzuki Swift that would help derive optimum performance from your vehicle.

Engine Oil (3.1 Litre including 200 ml in Filter) - 0W20 (New Swift Petrol) / 5W30 (Old Swift Petrol) / 5W30 (New Swift Diesel) / 5W40 (Old Swift Diesel)10,000 Kms or 12 Month10,000 Kms or 12 Month
Oil Filter10,000 Kms or 12 Month10,000 Kms or 12 Month
Radiator Coolant (4.5 Lit in Petrol, 5.9 Lit in Diesel) - Diluted in 1:1 with Distilled Water20,000 Kms or 24 Month20,000 Kms or 24 Month
Spark Plug - In Petrol Cars only40,000 Kms or 48 MonthNA
Air FilterEvery 40,000 KmEvery 20,000 Km
Fuel Filter40,000 Kms or 48 Month20,000 Kms or 24 Month
Brake Fluid, Clutch Fluid20,000 Kms or 24 Month20,000 Kms or 24 Month
Throttle Body CleaningRs 800xx
EGR Valve CleaningxxxxEvery 30000 Kms
Gear / Transmission Oil (2.2 Lit in Petrol, 2.6 Lit in Diesel)In New Swift - 1.6 Lakh Kms or 10 yrs - Old Swift had replacement at 40K Kms40000 Kms or 4 Year
Wheel Alignment, Balancing & Rotation10,000 Kms or 12 Month10,000 Kms or 12 Month

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Could you recommend some good engine oil for a Maruti Suzuki Swift 2015 that runs in Hyderabad? The temperature here is pretty high most of the times so would I require an oil different from the one that I would use when I was in Bangalore, which is relatively cooler throughout the year?
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