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I have a few questions about putting the wrong type of fuel in one's car and I would be grateful if someone could answer it all especially if they have personally been in the same situation?
  • What happens if one accidentally puts the wrong fuel in one Maruti Suzuki car?
  • What are the repercussions if one runs on the wrong fuel for a good number of miles before he realizes that its the wrong fuel?
  • What needs to be done if this so happens?
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This is one of the mistakes that happen very often and may often be very expensive. You may put diesel in a petrol car accidentally or the other way round but putting petrol in a diesel car may be much more dangerous due to the lower lubrication that it offers.
If you accidentally have put the wrong fuel in your car then be careful not to switch on the ignition as once you do that, the fuel would have mixed with the previous fuel and would be circulated throughout the engine and thus damage the parts. If its petrol in a diesel car then the metal parts may rub against each other more vigorously and cause you to need to change the parts.
The wrong fuel needs to be drained completely and needs experts.
Putting diesel in a petrol engine is not as dangerous as putting petrol in a diesel engine. If you put diesel in the wrong car then it will mostly just exhaust itself and will emit a lot of smoke. But if you put petrol in the wrong car then the damage could be very costly if you do not realize it soon.
Whatever you do, do not try to drain the petrol on your own as you will not be able to remove all of it and the residual oil will damage the system. If you have already driven some distance with the wrong fuel, turn off the engine as soon as possible and arrange for your car to be towed to get the oil drained and check for damages. If you just put in the fuel and then realized, do not turn on the ignition as the fuel will then circulate throughout the engine. Since petrol offers low lubrication and the ignition is faster than diesel the engine parts will rub a lot more and the friction will damage the parts. If the damage is extensive then you may even have to change some parts or even the whole engine.
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