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Maruti Suzuki Alto Specifications over the years

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Just a while back, a post in the General Discussion's forum on this platform about old Maruti Suzuki cars took me back to the days when my family owned two Maruti Suzuki Alto cars and then it got me Googling the evolution of the car since then. Here's what I stumbled upon:
  • Alto was launched in India in 2000 with a 769cc engine and 5 speed manual unit whereas Maruti 800 had a 4 speed unit.
  • In 2001, VX/VXi model was launched with a four cylinder 1061 cc engine borrowed from Maruti Suzuki Wagon R producing 64 PS and 80 Nm torque.
  • In 2010, Alto K10 Generation 1 was launched featuring a 1000cc K series MPFK series Petrol Engine compared to previous Alto's 800 cc engine, 67 BHP and 90 Nm (a big improvement over Alto 800) and a 5 speed manual transmission with cable shift.
  • In 2012, Alto 800 cc generation 2 was launched. The torque was improved to 69 Nm over the earlier 62 Nm. This generation got all new interiors and body work. It used completely new body panels and new metal sheet designs and provided better comfort, softer suspension and larger tyre fares.
  • 2014, Alto K10 Generation 2 mechanically remained the same but got interior and exterior updates while the AMT gear box was added alongwith a driver side air bag.
If anyone has some more idea about the evolution of Alto, please do share in the comments below :).
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