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Wanna learn Canvas drawing and keyframe animations using SwiftUI?
Hi guys, today we are going to explore how we can implement animations in SwiftUI. The full source code of this project is available on Github, feel free to fork or directly use required animations in your applications.
This post consists of 3 animations:
  1. Progress Dots animation — 3 dots that go up and down in a rhythm
  2. Pacman animation —We all know and love Pacman right?
  3. TwinCircle animation —Two circles animates horizontally while changing size and colors and kind of merge into one.
The final implementation will look like this:
iOS — Animations in SwiftUI with Examples — Part 2.gif

That’s it for today. Hope you learned something new!
This just touches the base of the SwiftUI animations. It’s possible to design much more complex animations using Canvas, animations API and Math.
For implementation details, visit our company blog.
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